Trousers Martin Blue

Martin Blue Trousers.

Super comfortable, soft & stretch fabric.

Featuring trendy flat-fronted styling trousers. (no-crease) 57% Stretch Cotton

  • USP - 3 Different Cuts/Fits (accommodate every possible body shape)
  • Regular (modern Tapered Fit), XS (Extra Slim), XL (Comfort Fit) for bigger boys- no more problems with finding a perfect fit for a slim or big boy.
  • Sizes based on the height of the boy, available from 122 cm - 170 cm
  • Highest quality & finishing
  • Blue¬†Colour

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Slim Fit Blue

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Size / Height 122 (Regular Tapered) or 128 (Regular Tapered) or 134 (Regular Tapered) or 140 (Regular Tapered) or 146 (Regular Tapered) or 152 (Regular Tapered) or 128 XS (Extra Slim) or 134 XS (Extra Slim) or 140 XS (Extra Slim) or 146 XS (Extra Slim) or 152 XS (Extra Slim) or 128 XL (Comfort Fit) or 134 XL (Comfort Fit) or 140 XL (Comfort Fit) or 146 XL (Comfort Fit) or 152 XL (Comfort Fit)
Slim Fit Blue